Disappointment…its all part of the job

As a sailor, it is never wise to get your hopes up for anything. You have a 50% chance of simply being disappointed. It is far better to maintain a skeptical attitude with a healthy dose of cynicism. A glaring example that all sailors will experience several times in their career is abrupt changes to plans and schedules.  We have all been there. A liberty port is announced, the schedule is set, you make plans.  Maybe you are even dumb enough to put money down on a hotel. The out of nowhere the BMOW’s pipe blasts over the 1MC and he utters those cringe-worthy words, “standby for words from the Commanding Officer”. This is only one example, there are many more.

It really is dangerous to look forward to anything in the Navy. More seasoned sailors know this and are mostly unphased. At the very least, they hide it fairly well. It is a skill that they have refined, and it is a great skill to have in this line of work. The fact is that the plans in the Navy, and the military as a whole, are written in pencil. The thing is though, we really do get to do some cool shit.  The road to that is paved with disappointment, but that is just part of the job. Besides, when whatever good thing you are waiting on happens, whether it be the port call from my example above, or something else, it is that much better.

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