Thanksgiving in the Navy

USS Nimitz Saliors Celebrate Thanksgiving. (Credit: PO3 Weston Mohr/US NAVY)

At any given time tens of thousands of Sailors and Marines are deployed on ships, scattered around the globe. It is a tough job sometimes to be away from your family defending your country and its interests. Being deployed during the holidays can be down right fucking depressing, especially for younger Sailors and Marines. One of the things we do pretty well, however, is adapt. We make the best of the situation. Onboard ships and in station galleys across the fleet today, our FSO’s and Culinary Specialists got to show us what they got. And for most sailors this is a time to look forward to, as Thanksgiving chow is usually a point of pride for the food service folks.

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The Base MWR

You know its crazy, no matter how senior you get you seem to end up at the base MWR when you are away from home. Often, in homeport, we shun them like that’s for junior sailors, or why would we go there. But when you are in another port they can be invaluable. Every base … Read more

Disappointment…its all part of the job

As a sailor, it is never wise to get your hopes up for anything. You have a 50% chance of simply being disappointed. It is far better to maintain a skeptical attitude with a healthy dose of cynicism. A glaring example that all sailors will experience several times in their career is abrupt changes to plans and schedules.  We have all been there. A liberty port is announced, the schedule is set, you make plans.  Maybe you are even dumb enough to put money down on a hotel. The out of nowhere the BMOW’s pipe blasts over the 1MC and he utters those cringe-worthy words, “standby for words from the Commanding Officer”. This is only one example, there are many more.

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Welcome to my little blog thing! I don’t know exactly what will be posted here, likely shit about my life as a Sailor in the worlds finest Navy.  Might be some cool shit, might just be a series of bitching and moaning, who knows. Check back soon to find out.